Giving Back

Yes, we’re more than just a bunch of pretty faces (being stuffed with food and wine). Early on in the life of the Tweethearts, it was decided that we would do more than just get together, break bread, and talk about life/work/dreams/etc. We decided to add a component of giving to our monthly suppers and some different ideas were tossed around.

All of them were good because they all involved everyone in our group of 11 (now 12) chipping in $10 a month to go towards a charitable cause but logistics started making things complicated.

If someone missed a dinner, for example, how would we collect their money? Should we, in fact, collect their money if they didn’t attend? Who writes up receipts for income tax purposes? And so on and so forth.

At our July 2010 supper, one of the Tweethearts brought forward a suggestion that could solve this problem. Knowing that one of our Twitter friends was expecting her second baby and could seemingly use a big pick-me-up, she suggested we pool our money and give it to her as a sort of shower gift for her new bundle.

The group loved the idea and it was done.

We quickly decided that what we’ll be doing each month is keeping our ears to the ground (not literally, that would look weird) for friends, friends of friends, and neighbors who could use a little help or a pick-me-up. If we have someone in mind, we’ll bring their story to the next month’s supper and we’ll all vote for the person who we feel could best use the money.

See, we really are sweet Tweethearts, aren’t we?

If you enjoy this blog, its PEI restaurant reviews and fun, quirky posts and if you appreciate the mission of the Island Tweethearts, we’d love if you’d help us spread goodness around PEI! We will eventually have a Donate button on the site for you to contribute to our charitable efforts (or thank us for keeping up such an awesome website *ahem*) but in the meantime, if you’d like to help or if you know someone who could user our help, please drop us a line.