Happy 1st Anniversary Tweethearts!

It’s been a year since it all began. Last spring I was preparing myself to return to work after being home with our son Jack for his first two years. I was nervous and excited, but felt somewhat disconnected from the “real world.”

I had found Twitter that year and made some connections to other moms and business ladies.  These connections gave me an idea—it would be nice to gather a group of women and meet face-to-face on a regular basis sharing ideas and forming friendships.

I met a Twitter friend, April Ennis, for lunch one day and asked what she thought of the idea. She loved it so we threw around some names of people we knew from Twitter. Then I started emailing ladies. Some I knew to varying degrees; some I had met briefly; some I had never met at all! Everyone was enthused and excited about our new group and couldn’t wait to meet face-to-face.

Read more about the start of the Island Tweethearts.

And meet we did one night back in May and great things began to happen immediately. From that first night, the PEI Tweet Up was suggested and born. Since then, countless things have taken place in our group.  I couldn’t possibly list all the collaborations that have transpired among all of us, but here are a few:

  • Julie (http://www.jcstylinginc.com) has made several of us beautiful, earning us as loyal clients. We have also told friends and family how amazing she is and sent them her way.
  • Rachel (http://www.blogbyrachel.com) has captured that beauty in her photos—making us look professional, yet approachable for business; blissful with our families; or sexy with our boudoir photos. She’s a warm-hearted lady who brings out the best in her subjects.
  • Christine and Jaime Lee have joined forces and created a unique friendship as well as an incredible business (http://manleymannmedia.com). They have written countless press releases for our businesses, as well as assisted with other initiatives we have undertaken. Many of our businesses have flourished and grown due to their talents! Steve and I published an e-book for Home Buyers with their guidance.
  • Rachelle (http://rachellewood.ca/) has advised and assisted many of us in our efforts to become healthier. She is generous with her advice and knowledge, but she never pressures anyone to eat healthy, nor does she judge us at our suppers together (thank goodness!). Her enthusiasm for health is infectious and she plants a seed each time we meet or speak to her. Her influence seems to have worked for many of us, as our diets have changed either slowly or drastically!
  • We have all watched Kerry Anne (http://insightmarketingpei.com) grow in her business. She has taken leaps and bounds into her industry and shared her successes with humbling excitement. We have all benefited from her advice and encouragement!
  • None of us have bought a house yet or remortgaged the one we have, but when we’re ready, we know we can count on Lori (http://www.mortgagegrp.com/site/pe/brokerpage.asp?id=2693) to be there with great advice!

These are only a few examples of how we have helped one another specifically. We have also laughed and cried together; shared advice, heartache, or exciting news over coffee and lunches; tutored one another; exercised together; formed fabulous new clubs/groups in the community; had our kids on play dates; attended conferences; raised money for charity; exchanged books; soothed hurt feelings; and provided support and friendship to each other on an on-going basis.

Not only have our businesses grown, but our hearts have grown as well. I know we all feel an incredible bond with one another that will last forever. What’s been extra wonderful is our ability to expand this positive experience outside our group. Although we are still capped at a dozen (anymore and we couldn’t hear ourselves think! LOL), we continue to share our friendships outside this group with one another. I have met and become friends with many people whom a Tweetheart has introduced me to. Our good feelings spill out of our circle and encompass others who come in contact with us.

It’s hard to believe it’s only been a year as it feels as though we have known one another forever. It’s such an uplifting experience to see so many women collaborate together and want what’s best for one another.  It makes my heart smile to know we have so many more years as The Island Tweethearts.

What some of the other Tweethearts say about the group

Being a member of the tweethearts over the past year has impacted both my personal and professional network. Some of the connections made had a huge impact on my life. Looking forward to many more years ahead.
– April Ennis

I’ve enjoyed getting to know everyone.  Monthly dinners have been fun,
energetic, and always filled with laughter.  It’s a great way to network
and learn more about other professions.
– Angela Marchbank

I’ve learned a lot about myself and made great new friends and connections to help me grow as a person—spiritually, mentally, and physically healthier! I absolutely love what we have, and giving back to help others with our contribution every dinner is a great feeling!
– Lori MacDonald

What at first started as an excuse to get out of the house (juggling many tasks and being a mom of a toddler tends to keep me housebound quite often!) soon turned into so much more. How can I honestly wrap up what the Tweethearts has meant to me in a few short sentences? How do you put into words the bond we have (in a world where too often women compete with each other) and how much the laughs mean when we all lead incredible busy and often stressful lives? The fact that I have a new business and business partner because of this group blows me away on a daily basis. While no words can truly depict the level of gratitude and happiness this group has brought me, the smile on my face will have to do.
– Christine Gordon Manley

Meeting this amazing group of ladies has been incredible. I have learned so much from them and count myself lucky to have such a strong support system behind me as I grow my business. I look forward to sharing many more laughs, stories and successes with each of you.
– Kerry Anne MacDougall

Having a bevy of career women to relax and connect with has fed my soul in so many ways. Each has a unique set of skills and outlook. Couple that with the candid conversations, and you get a great network of friends.
– Cheryl Wartman

At first it was about the chance to network (or maybe it was about the food) and to give back in some small way, but being a Tweetheart has become a lot more than one can easily put into words. I’ve made business connections by being a Tweetheart, of course, but the most important thing is that I’ve formed friendships that will last forever. As corny as it sounds, it’s true.
Jaime Lee Mann