Portable Outdoor Stage For Sale

Portable Outdoor Stage For Sale

Do you need a versatile stage for your outdoor event? Look no further; NexGen portable outdoor Stage System is what you’ve been looking for! The system’s 4’x4′ panels lock together to form a larger stage, and the aluminium finish is tough enough to handle a long-term setup outdoors. 

It can be used in many different environments due to its weatherproofing capabilities – use it at the beach, on a sloped hill or just about anywhere else! Modular design means that components are easy to replace, and accessories are interchangeable with other systems. And if you need multiple heights, adjustable legs allow heights of 24″, 32″, 40″ or 48″. 

Lightweight & Sturdy Stages 

Each deck is only 7 kg, making them easy to transport and store. The modular design provides you with greater control over the arrangement, including its height.  

Cameo staging may also be modified without requiring it to be a permanent feature of your structure. You can even pick the colour of the fittings to go along with branding or company colours. 

Who Can Benefit from Portable Stages?  

  • Schools – With various modifications, our portable stages enable every student to participate in drama and singing.
  • Churches-The portable stages are utilized in churches to pray for religious occasions.
  • Theatres – Our stages are ideal for existing stages or unique events, and they may also be customized to match your style of play.
  • Community halls – A low-cost staging option that’s ideal for community halls. Portable staging can help you make the most of your local events and holidays!
  • Festivals and outdoor events – Our portable staging is waterproof and weatherproof, so you may continue the party even if the weather gets nasty. They’re also light and simple to transport, making them a snap to put up and takedown. 

Reconfigure audience seating with ease – easy to erect portable auditorium seating 

Events may now take place in any area and do so all the time. In the past, you would usually attend events in specific theatres and auditoriums with fixed seats. Now that event planners see the benefits of hosting events in unusual settings; you’ll need to have the tools to set up rapidly. Seating should be portable and blend in with different events and different venues. You must put it out and away quickly, especially if you have an events company and need to get to another event.   

It’s simple to use and durable.

With each stage deck having a strong connection system to ensure longevity and sturdiness, you may choose from a variety of surface materials and frame colours to ensure thoroughness. We have a number of staging alternatives to meet your specific demands! And, because our staging is configurable and resembles building blocks, don’t be concerned if you ever need to expand.

We sell components that may be added or expanded as needed. We offer wheeled stages with a 157 pounds per square foot deck surface and can even support automobiles!

Convenient and compact

After the event, our portable stages may be readily stored. When it’s time to depart and return home, you’ll find that our staging system is really compact, handy, and simple to store in a small space. They’re also lightweight, foldable, and easy to set up alone.

outdoor stage platform

Expandable and upgradeable

One of the finest features of portable stages is that you may adapt them to fit changing production demands as your requirements change. Platforms and risers are available separately, so you can customize staging for small or big occasions, regardless of the setup.

Weatherproof -The aluminium finish is durable enough to endure long-term outside installation. 

Modular – Expand your stage or replace components and accessories easily. 

Multi-Height Legs -Set your stage height to 24, 32, 40, or 48 inches. 

Height-Adjustable – Make easy adjustments for uneven or sloped terrain

Stage Accessories 


Portable stages with eight inches or higher of height should have steps. All stages greater than 8″ in height should have steps. Steps are advised for all stages larger than 8″. We provide a variety of step configurations, including or without handrails. 


Guardrails are a useful safety precaution, especially if children are performing on the stage or if the stage is elevated above 16 feet. For most stage set-ups, we propose three sides of guardrails. 


Skirts are a great option if you want a more polished style. Surrounding the stage with skirts on three sides is the most popular option because it is often up against a wall, but if the stage is in the middle of an event with seating all around it, using a stage skirt on all four sides is preferable.

Drum Risers 

You’ll need a drum riser for the drum kit if it’s on the portable stage. Risers for drums aid in decoupling the drums from the ground and other surfaces, as well as improving their sound. Drum risers also improve the purity of sound.

Mobile Stage wheels

This is a fantastic alternative if you’re attending an event where the stage must be relocated fast. Rather than dismantling the stage, you may move it as one mobile unit instead of several smaller ones. 


Ramps are used to wheel equipment, handicapped performers, or spectators on and off the stage quickly. All handicapped ramps meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Equipment ramps do not include handrails and are not ADA compliant. 

Choral risers, seated risers and catwalks 

Choir risers, seated risers, and catwalks are additional staging elements that may be used. Fashion exhibitions, for example, are perfect uses for catwalks. Around the stage, seated risers may be positioned in a variety of ways to allow the audience to see the performance. Choral risers can be used on stage for church services.


What is the definition of a portable stage? 

A portable stage is a great present for any occasion or gathering. It may be used for a band performance, a choral concert, or a theatre production, among other activities. Portable stages are available in various sizes and shapes to meet the demands of customers. You may choose from numerous types of deck surfaces

Is it possible to build directly on the ground? 

Yes, a deck can be easily built directly on the ground, but with some conditions. The material selection is critical in building a deck on the ground level — not so much the decking but the substructure. The wrong joist and beam material in contact with the ground will quickly rot, making your deck garbage. 

How do you make a movable stage? 

You can either rent a stage or build your own. Building a Stage that’s Portable in Just 5 Steps

  1. Step 1: Choose the Right Size
  2. Step 2: Assemble Your Materials
  3. Step 3: Build Your Frame
  4. Step 4: Construct Legs and Braces
  5. Step 5: Finish the Platform  

What are the Portable Stage’s Accessory components?  

A railing and a carpeted 2 or 3 step stair unit to complete the staging setup are included in the accessories. Stairs, Handrails, Mobile stage wheels, Ramps and Aluminum ladder Carpet. 

What is the composition of stage platforms? 

 Rigid platforms are built using tubular metal frames or timber frames. Each material has its own set of faults and benefits. 2x4s are a very popular building material. Wood is readily available, cheap, and simple to put together with many types of fasteners.