The Brickhouse

For the Love of the Soil author Sally noted that D.B. Brickhouse’s Chef Ilona Daniel is a “gorgeous and vibrant chef, who creates food which makes you melt.” Since I read that review, I have wanted to try her food, so I was excited to discover that our first anniversary Island Tweetheart dinner on May 30, 2011, was to be there.

D. B. Brickhouse (or just “The Brickhouse” as locals are calling it) uses local, organic product to create a real culinary experience.  I could not believe that it had been the former Off Broadway—I walked in to a totally different atmosphere. It is opened up and much brighter. There is a staircase in the centre of the room leading upstairs to the bar and bathrooms. I loved the modern décor with the brick walls and beautiful art.

The Artisan Kitchen provides so many succulent choices that we had trouble deciding. I had hoped to try the lamb, but unfortunately my gluten-free, lactose-free, nightshade-free diet did not allow this. The great thing was that I had options without having to go off-menu or cheat on my diet.

Ilona made us seared scallop with curry coconut sauce to tease our taste buds. Wow . . . did it work! Growing up in a fishing community, I find that few are able to cook fish better than my Dad who does it the same day it is caught, but Ilona was able to surpass my expectations. Our appetizers included the hummus, spring rolls, cheese bread in mini frying pans, mussels, and a few different salads.

Chef Ilona Daniel

I got the crispy salad without the roasted pepper. The crispy and crunchy textures of my salad were great and the dressing was just right. All the appetizers were amazing. I think we may even have a new hummus lover or two . . .

The main-course choices were as varied as the women attending (trust me—that means there was mucho variety!). The lobster poutine is said to be amazing, but none of the Tweethearts tried it. By far the best presentation of the meals we ordered had to be the beef cheek dinner. It was stunning to watch it come to the table and I am told it was to die for.

I had the mushrooms specially cooked for me (I needed room for dessert—how often is it even an option without cheating!). Other dishes served included flat bread, trout, and a chicken pasta dish.

Chef Ilona came to chat with us before dessert. She is an amazing woman. I am so impressed with the food and the atmosphere. We made Tweetheart history with all of ordering dessert (this never happens!), almost managing to explore the entire dessert menu.

Everyone raved about their chosen dessert. Mine was a taste and texture experience. The texture was of a gluten free cupcake, but the taste was exactly as I remember a rootbeer float to be (I have not had ice cream in way too long). I savored the experience. Other dessert choices included the famed sweet and salty chocolate cake, a rhubarb crisp dish, and a berry brûlée.

Each of the tweethearts I spoke with had some part of the meal that went above and beyond for them. We had a wonderful evening—thank you so much Ilona and your wonderful staff.