We were having dinner…that’s our Alibi

I’ve been looking forward to trying The Alibi in Charlottetown because of the buzz their pizzas have been creating, and so when the majority of us voted to eat there for our October Tweetheart supper, I was quite excited.

First of all, the ambiance of the place was pretty great if you’re looking for a good place for a first date. Lots of interesting décor to talk about in case your date’s a dud. The only problem was that Kerry Anne seemed to be getting dizzy talking to me because the backdrop behind me was the crazy black and white patterned wallpaper . . . but in all fairness it could have been the wine.

Speaking of wine, we were treated very well by our server, Jen, one of the owners of the Alibi. She greeted me as soon as I sat down and within a couple of minutes, I had a nice cold glass of white wine in front of me.

Jen was quite attentive, removing plates and refilling drinks, and while it’s true ours was the only table in the place at 7pm on a Thursday evening (which sort of surprised me), I think she would have treated us just as well if the restaurant was full. She just seemed like that kind of host—it almost felt like we were eating dinner in someone’s home.

Moving on to the eating portion of our evening . . .  a couple of the girls shared bruschetta as an appetizer and it looked great. It was served on a platter with the sliced baguette separate from the tomato and cheese toppings so the girls could put it together themselves. Great way to prevent a soggy bruschetta.

Some girls ordered pasta dishes, some had salad/pasta combos, but the majority of us had the pizza. The only time our table was quiet was while everyone was busy loading up on delicious carbs. Christine and I shared a spinach salad (we should have each ordered our own) and a 14” pizza topped with tomato sauce, pineapple (real, not from a can), roasted garlic, and cheese. The salad had nuts, mandarin orange segments, cranberries, and goat cheese on top. I have no idea what kind of dressing it was (possibly a raspberry vinaigrette), but it was a thing of sweet, tangy beauty. We loved it.

Christine and I also chose to share a piece of dessert. We shared the pumpkin cheesecake which was creamy and crunchy at the same time. . . in a good way.  Only one other pair of tweethearts ordered a dessert to share and they ordered the same thing, but the menu of sweets sounded quite tempting.

Overall, it was a wonderful evening full of vibrant conversation, wine, and good food. It really was good food, too. We learned that the Alibi uses fresh, local, and organic ingredients whenever possible. Their pizza crust is made with 70% whole wheat and that pizza well . . . it’s possibly the best in Charlottetown.

The bill Christine and I got was about $30 (not including wine) and even though we shared our food, we were as stuffed as anyone else leaving there. Pretty great value for my $15!

We highly recommend The Alibi and I look forward to going back and introducing my husband to that pizza.